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Background, demands

Any new coronavirus Virus detection must be performed by personnel with relevant technical safety training in laboratories with appropriate conditions.


Existing infectious disease specialties or large-scale hospital PCR laboratories have limited testing capacity and need to be expanded. 

New temporary hospitals need to be built.

For field shelter cabin hospitals, matching is required

Mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory

model PCR-2.1

In order to adapt to the rapid detection, the commercial detection kit and the automatic quantitative PCR instrument process are used to merge the four functional divisions of the traditional PCR laboratory, and three main detection functional areas of reagent preparation, sample preparation room and nucleic acid detection room are provided, Changing room, dirty washing room, electromechanical room.

Use standard 40-foot (40HC / HQ) high-container container as the basic maintenance structure; 

20-foot container combination can also be used as required. 

One-way flow of personnel; the detection area is separated by transmission windows and buffer rooms to prevent aerosol contamination.

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Square-type nucleic acid testing laboratory

Model PCR-3.1

larger in size, suitable for deployment in fixed locations. Suitable for users with a fixed installation site to choose a fixed installation method. Based on the mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory, a larger cabin is used to make the internal process flow more independent. 

The nucleic acid detection room and the sample processing room are two completely independent areas, each equipped with separate channels for wearing protective clothing and removing protective clothing, which is completely isolated from aerosol pollution and biological safety protection. The nucleic acid testing room and the sample processing room share a decontamination room, and high-risk medical waste is transferred to the decontamination room through the transfer window, which is safer. The core operation is to exit the locker setting shower room.

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Mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory m
Cabin-type nucleic acid testing laborato

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